Chris Hall
Adam Brittain

Mastering SIL: Growing Your SIL Business and Optimising Financial Performance

Do you have a clear pathway to growing your pipeline?

Do you have a robust sales and marketing strategy?

Do you know if you are rostering and claiming correctly?

Does your Service Agreement cover the necessary areas?

Are you claiming for Irregular Supports correctly?

The majority of SIL providers are leaking $35,892 per participant in roster and claim leakage and are at significant risk of claim payback.

Join Chris and Adam in this insight-packed hour which provides you with the understanding to begin addressing these questions.

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We Will Cover

Budgets and Support Ratios 

Typical Supported Independent Living budgets across all support ratios.

Sales and Marketing

How to find SIL participants and build a network of referrals.

Restrictive Practice

Compliance requirements when being an "Implementing Provider".

Onboarding Considerations

Checklists of the most important steps in the intake process for SIL participants. 

Hospital Discharges

Relationship building with hospital liaisons within your local health district(s).

Irregular Supports

Rules and scenarios for when "Irregular Supports" are allowed.

Service Agreements

Key clauses, inclusions, and considerations for Service Agreements for SIL participants.

Rosters of Care

What is a Roster of Care (RoC), when should it be used, and how does it impact planning.


Training, rostering, and recruitment for your team of support workers.

During this webinar, we will examine:

  • Sales Pipelines.
  • Marketing Strategies.
  • Customer Acquisition.
  • Understanding what claim and roster leakage is.
  • What needs to be considered when onboarding a new participant.
  • What to be aware of and the popular misunderstandings of the Roster of Care.
  • Understand the RoC, how it works, and where it does not;
  • How to create a roster from the RoC;
  • The essentials of weekly claiming;
  • Understanding claiming for Irregular Supports.

This live training will give you the blueprint to optimise your existing SIL business as an NDIS provider.

Adam is a Direrctor at Resolv, a consultancy that partners with SIL providers to help them maintain compliance, align disability funding, rosters and claims to achieve a sustainable business.

Resolv are experts in helping you to reduce your administrative burden and maximise your financial position, giving you time to focus on what’s most important to your organisation – your clients.

Chris Hall is an NDIS Sales and Marketing Consultant, who helps NDIS providers scale through his projects and events.  The combined know of Chris and Adam will give you a strategic overview of what success looks like in the SIL side of the NDIS.

Hosted by Chris Hall
In the last 12 months, Chris has helped 100s of NDIS providers scale their businesses through his Masterclass events and 8 Week Growth Programs. He was recently the Managing Director of a SIL provider where he led a quality audit that achieved zero non-conformances. His industry knowledge means he understands the 360 degrees of what it means to run a disability services business. 

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Almost every provider wants to grow the SIL side of their their business.  The problem is that they don't yet know the blueprint.
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